Divine Goddess Gifts

We have personally curated a collection of gifts and opportunities from crystals to soul art classes
for you to share with another Goddess in your life, or for your own pleasure! Enjoy!

Crystals for your
body, mind,
spirit and home

For the highest quality gems and crystals, Conscious Items are perfect to have for your next meditation, to wear as dazzling jewelry pieces, as your personal energy bodyguard, or to include the exclusive collection of home decor for a house buzzing with positivity.

Each product has been hand-picked for a variety of uses—to improve focus, to invite abundance into your life, to deconstruct energy blockages and to amplify moments of prosperity in all areas of your life.

Mindful Kawa™
Virtual Retreats

A global platform for on-demand Virtual Retreats featuring established wellness experts and dedicated to providing affordable membership.

Mindful  Kawa's Virtual Retreats offer a variety of self-discovery, self-development and healing tools, such as Guided Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition, Movement, and so many more. 

Marie is featured as a wellness expert within the Women's Health 1 Retreat where she leads members through a guided meditation to receive a message from their future self.

Apothékary® -
The Farmacy of the Future

Meet Apothékary, the world's first plant-based farmacy getting to the root cause of our health issues, not just treating the symptom. The goal, always, is to keep toxins out, not bring them in, and we believe that through plant-based medicine we have the ability to unite the mind, body and soul into balance.

USDA Organic Certified, Fair-Trade, and Non-GMO. Prior to launching, all of our ingredients went through a 12-month sourcing process and are wholly Founder-vetted. No fillers, chemicals, none of that funky business.

    Art as a Soul Language®

    Art as a Soul Language will bypass the mind and reveal your Soul Wisdom - guiding you to purpose and fulfillment every single day. 

    Art as a Soul Language will:
    Build trust in yourself,
    Enhance your creativity,
    Help you express your authentic self, and
    Allow your heart to lead the way to what you're meant to be doing!

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    Goddess Love Notes

    "Marie is a beautiful being that owns her own inner transformative Goddess so that she can then help you step into your Goddess self and find your flow again. I can't think of a better person to help you re-calibrate and navigate to come back to your divine Goddess. Any work you do with her, you will absolutely love!

    Tara A.

    "I would absolutely recommend Marie to any professional that is making any transition or trying to re-engage with their passion. Since I've been working with Marie, I have made so many breakthroughs toward where I want to be in my career and in my business and I'm excited about it!"

    Robin M.

    "There was so much time for self care, self discovery, self reflection, spiritual exploration, and sisterhood... and to top it all off, you just need to show up and enjoy the ride!"

    Venessa E.

    "I met likeminded and amazing women that I didn’t know were out there - I pushed through fears of being vulnerable with strangers and allowed myself to experience new and raw beauty.  It was the greatest thing I’ve ever done!"

    Stacey W.

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